Breakthrough with Brig, Mindset + Life Coach

EP. 12 Be a Boy Scout for Your Goals

January 25, 2021

When we set goals it’s inevitable that we will struggle with mind drama. Mind drama is the drama that we create in our minds by setting a goal that our brain doesn’t yet know how to achieve. So we become overwhelmed with the fear and anxiety of not achieving and not knowing how to achieve the goal. I want you to know that NOTHING WRONG IS HAPPENING...this is totally normal. And if you allow it, mind drama is actually a tool to help you get what you want. Remember your goal is a new experience for you and it will make you feel uncomfortable so expect your brain to freak out. Understanding what to do when your brain starts the drama is key to overcoming negative thoughts and getting where you need to go. Listen in as I share how to be a boy scout for your goals and prepare for battle when your brain starts trippin’. 



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