Breakthrough with Brig, Mindset + Life Coach

EP. 10 What’s Your Goal Relationship Status - Part 2

January 11, 2021

Today we are continuing our conversation about our goal relationship status. So last week we discussed three goal relationship statuses, the committed (‘til death do us part), the live-in (I’m good until you try me, then I’m out), and the booty call (you're my little secret, no one knows you exist).  I hope that after the last conversation, the relationship status of your goals has shifted, if even from booty call to live-in. If you are still working on it, no worries. Today, I will share some more valuable insights that will have you on your way to committing to your goals and finally accomplishing them. If you need help with this work, feel free to connect with me. You can book a free consultation call by visiting my website,, or hit me up on social media. Looking forward to hearing from you. For now, let’s get started!



EP. 08 Wanting What You Have






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